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  1. I think it is from the HVAC drain. I remember cleaning out my 94 Deville HVAC drain and I know what you mean by watch out. I just touched the drain in my 94 and it let go with me underneath it and nowhere to go. I will post back when I get under the 2004.
  2. No sunroof. I 3 have a Maple trees in the front yard. I have no coating on the windows. Where is the HVAC drain located?
  3. On my wifes 2004 Deville, I was cleaning out the floor and I noticed the carpet was all wet. I smelled it and it is not antifreeze. Is there a drain under the window on the firewall or a drain for the AC that will let water in when plugged? Anyone have a diagram.
  4. I am still looking into the problem, but I found out that there is an adjustment on the level position. I have yet to establish if the ELC is working or not. I have just not had time to look at it lately. I will report back when I find out something.
  5. Recently, I bought new tires for my wife's 2004 DTS. The old tires were worn thread bare on the inside especially in the rear. So I opted for an alignment which was free after buying the tires. After the tech put it on the alignment machine he told me to come and take a look. The front was within specs but the rear was squatted, so I told him to adjust the rear. That's when he told me that there was no adjustment in the rear. So, do I check to see if the air shocks are working properly? Is there a height adjustment on the shocks like earlier models? Where do I start? With the price of tires now days, I really do not want these tires to wear out prematurely.
  6. I would check one more thing that has not been mentioned. Check the tensioner pulley on the water pump belt. Sometimes the spring can get weak and belt does not have enough tension and slips causing poor circulation. Also check to see if the pulley bearing is bad. My tensioner pulley just fell apart because the bearing froze causing poor circulation and overheating. I replaced tensioner pulley and all was good.
  7. I had a coil completly burn out on my 94 Concours. Smoke rolled out from under the hood. It had caused me problems for 6 months but would not give a specific code to work with. I had a mechanic tell me that he had a caddy coil short out so bad that it fried the wiring to the pcm and the pcm itself. Since I do not know when the spark plugs were changed,I thought I would start there on the 2003 Deville.
  8. I have a gas exhaust smell so it is an ignition problem. I am going to change the boots and plugs as soon as I can get to it. The car runs fine until it warms up and then it starts missing. Also p0440 is showing up.
  9. Update: Car runs fine for a little while after I clear the codes then it starts missing again. Only code is P0300. Thinking back on the boot replacement, I remember leaning against the rear Ignition control module plug and hearing a snap. I checked what I could see of the module and did not notice any cracks or problems. I think I will check the module closer and see if I damaged it somehow. I will update after I check it out.
  10. I found the manual brake release and all is well again. Thanks CHL2T for the great info!! I am going to have to track down the other end of the vacuum line though so I do not get a lean code.
  11. I found where the vacuum line comes off the vacuum diaphragm and goes out around the steering column. I do not know where it goes under the hood. I will see if I can find the manual release and I will make sure I have on hand on the e brake pedal. I do not want bit. The Service Manual says nothing about a manual release though. I guess I will have to stand on my head again.
  12. I am having a parking brake stuck problem on my 97 Deville. It will not release when it I put it into gear. I happened once before but t released after traveling a few miles down the road. This time it did not release. I am going to check my vacuum hoses. Anyone ever have this problem?
  13. Just thinking, can a dirty MAF sensor not through a code but make it misfire? That is the only thing that we took off that could have got dirty while we were fixing the intake/throttle body boot. I am going to check that as soon as I get to where the car is. Does anyone know where the MAF sensor cleaning procedure is?
  14. I have checked the connectors to the coils, the locks for them were lost somewhere before I worked on them. I think it is more on the electrical instead of fuel problem. Jim when you say "ignition coil assembly or ignition modules" are you referring to the same thing?
  15. No other codes, only P0300. The only thing I could think of is that maybe one of the new intake gaskets came loose and fell out. We put 4 dabs of permatex on the gaskets to hold them in but one could have gotten loose while we were fitting up the intake. I just hate to tear back into it again.