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  1. And....a pic. This is a 1987 Chevy truck column. But you can see the white switch mounted to the column near the top of the pic (not key part area). The GM Saginaw columns were made for 30 years.....all pretty much the same.
  2. I wonder if he really means 'circuit breaker 1 + 3'. I was hoping he would've of chimed in. I don't see any ignition relays in my '93 service manual. The underhood fuse block can develop moderate corrosion issues. I would still check the ignition switch and wiring. Techs like to hack into the harness at the switch. If you remove the lower dash panel you should be able to see if anything looks suspicious.
  3. I think he means 'ignition switch'. Fairly easy to change.....also a favorite area for techs to hack into for alarm systems etc. Couple of pics....#80 in first pic is the switch. Column does not have to come apart to replace. Pic of column should be pretty close. Saginaw steering column. Pic shows 1993 pick up truck one.
  4. Saw the video....not sure a bad RAPIE module can do all that....basically turning the car on.. Here is the image from my 1993 Cadillac service manual. Shows both 4.9 and Northstar RAPIE module.
  5. As was mentioned.....you should check to see if a afterblow module has been installed. GM sold the kits.....some people put them in....some repair shops put them in...some dealers put them in. The afterblow module was a solution to smelly and musty AC systems. It was a add on module. It would turn ON....after the car was turned OFF. It would run 5 or 10 minutes or so. It would use the blower motor to continue to circulate air around the evaporator.....reducing mold build up. Has nothing to do with what HVAC unit was installed in the car.
  6. OldCadTech really does have a good idea. I would check to see if a HVAC afterblow kit has been installed. Sounds like it may be wired up incorrectly....maybe the wrong one....or maybe failing causing a phantom circuit. GM did sell afterblow kits. Later models had the HVAC afterblow feature built in and could be enabled using a Tech 2. Looking on Google....There are several versions of GM / AC Delco afterblow modules. See pics. Other ideas....aftermarket radio or alarm system installed? Or maybe a failing ignition switch (not key cylinder) or failing RAP module.
  7. I don't think the boots are what he is talking about... Sounds like the guide pin is sticking. Silicone grease and stroking the pin should loosen it up. You can turn the rotors....but chances what you are really feeling is embedded material on the brake rotor surface. Sanding the rotors can eliminate most of that.
  8. It could be done. But you would have to do some careful math. Do not use the markings on the drills...they appear to be in different spots....the stop collars are blocked by a dab of silicone....but that can be removed. Having both the J-42385-500 and J-42385-2030 thread kits sitting here.....unique photo op.. Both engines use M11 head bolts....so either step drill would work. The 500 kit uses insert 11155. The 2030 kit uses insert 112030. Both are M11 and 30mm tall. The only difference is the 1.5 vs 2.0 thread pitch (which you can notice on the tools). Picture shows....from top to bottom....500 step drill...2030 step drill....500 tap....2030 tap....500 driver....2030 driver.
  9. Maybe you can sort it out with these...The Timesert instruction sheets. Be aware Timesert changes the link address almost weekly. Anyway.. 1994-1999 J-42385-500 kit: http://www.timesert.com/html/northstar.pdf 2004-newer J-42385-2030 kit: http://www.timesert.com/html/NORTHSTAR2004-PV8-headbolt.pdf
  10. The kits are available as a rental. See: http://ledfix.com/j42385toolrental.html We do not provide the inserts. The insert used on that era Northstar is the 11155. Those are easy to get on Amazon for $3.66 each.
  11. Original owner? I would suggest verifying the version of alternator installed on the car now before pursuing much effort. The heated windshield uses a different alternator.
  12. Umm....hard to figure out what your description is. Anyway....are you sure the car even still has a heated windshield? Most were replaced years ago with standard ones. They have a fairly distinctive gold hue to them.
  13. I think GM did away with the heated windshield in 1996. It seems I remember a discontinued harness being made way back in the early 2000s. Maybe by Dorman. Good luck finding one. I did see this information while looking around. https://www.wholesalegmpartsonline.com/showAssembly.aspx?ukey_assembly=379330&ukey_make=1023&ukey_model=14467&modelYear=1992&ukey_category=19390
  14. Ok...here is a samples of the GM online version. I don't think you will be disappointed. Special note....current GM employees can get free access to this information using their GMID...but not thru the AC Delco site.
  15. No....it's really not a teaser. You pretty much get full access for 3 days. I think module programming files cost extra. But you don't have the equipment to do that anyway. You are not limited to one car during the 3 days. So you can look up your Cadillac info and also look up info for your neighbors Buick. Info covers ALL GM vehicles back to at least 1998. Cadillac...Saturn...Hummer....all the info is there. All systems...Powertrain, ABS, air bag, suspension etc. Just like if you were a GM dealer. Print all you want. Current up-to-date technical service bulletin info. I no longer buy GM service manuals or DVDs. If there is some GM info I need I just pony up the $20. It should be noted current GM employees can get free access using their GMID. But not thru the AC Delco site. The Helm Inc printed service manual business model is obsolete...just like phone books and classified ads in newspapers.