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  1.|Make%3ACadillac|Model%3ADeVille&hash=item5682d1d4a0:g:5xYAAOSw~FJZHTcg&vxp=mtr lots of options. do you live in an emission state?
  3. That was related to the timing belt recall and the harmonic balancer rubber getting into the timing belt area. Wow those cars have just disappeared!
  4. exhaust valves hitting the pistons being they were closer to the piston. The valvestem would crack a quarter of an inch up the stem on the exhaust side.
  5. Ugg I hated these jobs at the dealer under warranty. I replaced all the valves intake and exhaust. The exhaust side valve stem would always have a slight crack in them. I lapped the new valves in and put it back together.
  6. Hey Jake when are you going to put me on the list for repairs. 

  7. The piston rocking back and fourth is normal. I have one apart at work now and its the same thing. TIMESERTS work all the time for me .
  8. Hit the brakes hard during the rain, that will actuate the pump motor. Congrats.
  9. I always half a dozen times a year use the abs pump especially in my older cars. Lay on the brakes in rain or on a icy stretch to work the ABS pump a bit.
  10. Run 15W 40 diesel oil in the Summer. It will take care of the flicker. On the Abs PUMP it will involve 2 people. Have someone sitting in the drivers seat. Another person will be in the engine bay. Get a long metal rod and a hammer and slightly tap the abs pump motor while someone cycles the key on and off. Make sure the ground is connected and clean in the rear of the pump.
  11. Look on Ebay for people repairing the radio's
  12. Are the tensioners ac delco or from a cheapo kit from ebay. I have had a motor delevered to me with bent valves in the back from a prior rebuild and they used the cheapo timing chain kit from ebay and the tensioner failed causing the valves to bend. Get time Timing components from Rockauto.
  13. Alot of these cars are getting rough... real rough. I have tried to talk people out of the repair sometimes but I can only do so much. I won't touch a car over 20 years old unless its a garage queen. I am doing head gaskets on a 97 eldo from KY with 85K and it's a time capsule! All in all if the car has nice interior and a nice body and paint, it doesn't mean doo-doo. I turned down 3 cars last year.
  14. Worked on alot of 4.9's at dealer. The coolant pipes as you know are long gone. I have seen small pinholes in the waterpump inlet housings and the actual gasket that leaks between the timing cover and the outlet housing. When I did waterpumps on the 4.9 I took the lower radiator hose off the inlet pipe, removed the front 2 motor mount bolts and rear 2 trans mount bolts. I put a jackstand underneath the oil pan with a block of wood. I gently let the car down on the jackstand contacting the oilpan thus jacking the engine up on that side. Makes the job cake. I was able to sneak the inlet housing off without removing the timing cover. It's tricky but it was done. removing the timing cover on those motors isn't bad. I have seen someone selling a lot of 4.9 timing covers brand new on ebay and I'm sure they are going quick.
  15. I have been using timeserts since 1995 and I have never had an issue. The next cost effective insert is the NS300L inserts. Once you buy the kits the inserts are cheap.