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  1. My name is Brad Barczy and I pretty much do the exact same job Jim is doing. Resealing the lower bearing case and inserting the block and replacing the head gaskets and all other gaskets on the top end. I sent you an email so call or text if you have questions. I have no problem doing any job on the car so whatever it needs its not a problem. Thanks
  2. Did we talk earlier this week? 

  3. Did we talked a couple days ago. Jim is doing the same work that I do but i'm closer. He is a pretty straight up guy and has done many of these repairs.
  4. short bolts on the 2000 engines are slightly longer than the pre 2000 style bolts.
  5. Look at the tail bulb sockets. grounding issue inside the socket
  6. 1995 to 99' engine are completely different from 2000 and beyond engine a completely different animal.
  7. The Olds 307 Y engine was indestructible if oil was changed.
  8. Whats the matter with your engine?
  9. I have a 02 Deville that sits for an extended period of time . It misfires when Started and sometimes it's real bad. I have a lifter, valve lash adjuster the bleeds down causing the mis and runs smooth as glass after a couple minutes.
  10. I drain the compressor of its contents and add 2 oz of oil and that's it. In this case to much of a good thing (oil) harms system performance.
  11. When I was at the dealer ages ago we had a couple of balancers spin on the 4.9 engine. So when you were setting timing for 8 degrees BTDC you were not setting timing accurately at that #. On a warm engine and a clean tbody with the isc fully retracted the tps should read .57 minimum air and extended isc was 1.2? Its been so long since I have set one up.
  12. any hose will work. look on I usually use the old bracket off the old hose and transfer it to the new one. You could probably get a hose shipped from rock auto for 60$
  13. Check the EGR tubes in the intake manifold below the throttle body blades. They might be clogged, just pen the tbody blades up and look down.
  14. New car time or plan on spending 2500-3K