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  1. any hose will work. look on I usually use the old bracket off the old hose and transfer it to the new one. You could probably get a hose shipped from rock auto for 60$
  2. Check the EGR tubes in the intake manifold below the throttle body blades. They might be clogged, just pen the tbody blades up and look down.
  3. New car time or plan on spending 2500-3K
  4. good luck. The long thin twisty pipes are discontinued so be gentle with them.
  5. The white plastic piece the horn wire engages into? The turn signal not cancelling was a broken spring usually.
  6. I am sure the seats are fine but it's up to you. Hey, it's only money.
  7. Gm compressor change I have always drained the oil from the compressor and just added 2oz. Too much oil the system won't be very effective
  8. But the car did idle smooth . These engines almost never have valve issues.
  9. check your plug wires and the connection of the plug wires on the coil packs.
  10. switch to a thicker oil in summer. 15-40 diesel oil. That will slow the leak down
  11. If the ses light if flashing its a current misfire that needs to be addressed. You need a good scanner to find out what cylinder is missing or a good mechanic that can diagnosis what cylinder is misfiring
  12. You need to reseal the lower bearing case, the oil manifold is the culprit. I have a 96' coming from Michigan on Sunday with 48k with a head gasket issue and I will be resealing the bearing case on that car too. If the car is in good shape and you like it just have the heads and lower bearing case fixed/resealed.
  13. 06 is tech 2 only. check for loose intake manifold bolts
  14. You don't have to keep the valve lash adjusters or lifters in the same place. Whats the problem? Dirty? not sealing? Did the car idle smooth before you took it apart? If you want to make more work for yourself; take the cams out, rockers, lifters and get the special tool or modify a socket to remove the keepers to remove the valve. The way I still do and was taught is to get some 7/32 vacuum line and valve grinding compound. Put some compound on the backside of the valve sealing area and attach the vacuum line to a 1/4 drill bit and use a drill to lap the valves in. To test the sealing of the valves when your done just flip the head over with the combustion chambers on top and the head level. Install a spark plug on top and fill the cc chamber with a thin liquid . i.e. brake cleaner and see if it leaks out. Do the with all the valvetrain removed but the valve installed.