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  1. Well.... Got confirmation from dealer in US that the partnumber above 19300076 is correct. Total cost was however "no sweet deal". Shipping matches part price and on top there is toll and taxes. All together it will come to around 1.500 USD. May reconsider.
  2. @Logan. As far as I can see that´s the same part number as in the link above? Is there any differens L or R? Language may be an issiue here.
  3. Found this in old thread. http://www.gmpartsdirect.com/oe-gm/19300076 Is it the real thing for me?
  4. Is this: http://www.gmpartsdirect.com/oe-gm/19300076 the correct match for my STS -02 MagnaRide (F55)?
  5. No need for DVOM. Now I know..... The connector at the bottom is....... gone! Don´t think it is possible to fix that? Still looking for a complete MagnaRide "strut" for the right side. New or used! Anyone??????????????
  6. I know but it so happens I´ve got a fourwheel alignment schedueled for tomorrow so.....
  7. Not yet. Must get under....... Hopefully tomorrow.
  8. I´ve been looking everywhere and no luck. Anyone who KNOW the original number? Dealers and scrapyards has no clue. They all think I´m looking for some airride........
  9. Hmmm....... Part is said to fit Seville 1998 to 2002. Must be F45.
  10. Thnx!!! But.... none for MR as far as I can see???? Location of strut connector? Top or bottom of strut or at module?
  11. Yes, I have a DVOM. Let me know how and what to look for. I´d rather get a new strut even if its exp..... Where can I find one? Had an -98 Eldo. Wheels like new! My STS has never seen snow.
  12. Label says F55 (top row, to the very right) so I guess its MagneRide? Looked for replacement damper on net but only found for the rear. How can I determin what is wrong? Guess the code 0584 has a different message for MR? The ride never feels soft but I guess thats by default as long as the code remain? I have the original alloys but they are beyond salvation. Looking for replacements.
  13. I Think(!) this is the only Jubillee in Sweden. Found no information for this edition. Just seen a few pics on internet. Anyone?