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  1. @BodybyFisher No. Haven´t got around to it. (Rebuilding the roof on my house.....)
  2. The numbers are just a part of the link - got nothing to do with the part itself. All of them fit. Just different makes.
  3. The speed sensor fault has developed to constant. From the begining it only occured when wet. Was gone after 1-2 days dry. Had my mecanic to check hub and joints. Everything ok. Is the sensor still no 1 suspect or .......?
  4. Finally- The strut problem solved. New strut, new connector. Code gone. @BodybyFisher You said speed sensor, RT value, can be checked thru DIC. Can You explain how?
  5. Thanks! Conflicting decoders...... The car was for sale on auction site. I did not buy.
  6. ...... for a Allanté 1987. VIN is: 1G6VR3174HU100294 Tried to find out specs but digits 6-9 don´t match????? Digit no 8 should be an 8, no? Only Place I´ve found an 8 is for a 1989 4,5 and that did not exist 1987 or..... Digit 6-7 don´t fit any model? Please help fast if You can! @OldCadTech @BodybyFisher @Logan and others.....
  7. Antalet intressenter och kunskapen om de "nyare" modellerna är väl begränsat. Det finns några men de skriver oftast här.
  8. Hej, Julle. Tur att det är så enkelt att beställa från staterna då. Kan de här passa? Finns ju i flera prislägen men oftast får man vad man betalar för..... http://www.rockauto.com/en/catalog/cadillac,1993,seville,4.6l+v8,1027763,fuel+&+air,fuel+injection+pressure+regulator,6124
  9. Sorry, OldCadTech, language I guess..... my point was that i do not know where the utit is located. therefor I can´t check for continuity.
  10. Thank You, Logan. I would never have guessed or been able to find by following......
  11. The same to You! I dont know where that is! RCM?