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  1. Good evening fellow Cadillac Drivers. Been thinking for a while I should tackle a small problem with the cars power door locks. They are out cold on all doors except the right passenger door, Mine is a 4-door. Also noteworthy is that on the driver's side the following is also out: No light in the red little lamp in driver's side door. Cigarette lighter is out in the driver's side door. The big white light with Cadillac emblem is also out, the car has 2 of these. One on each side of the back window on the inside. No power running to or through the above faulty items. The bulb in the red and white lamps are ok and not broken. This is what I have done so far: Checked all fuses in fuse panel/block on the inside of car, underneath the left side of the steering wheel. Checked and tested all the relays in the relay block, I had 2 new that I also swapped between. But they all do seem to work. Changed the + and - battery attachments. Full power coming out of a new battery that has just been changed. What to do next? Any creative ideas? What is there I have missed? Sincerly Klas
  2. Hm. No luck so far. I did try to jerk that whole wireloom that runs into door, did nothing. Took out the switch for the front door lock. Measured, and voil'a. no juice to that contact. So somwhere along the cables it does not send any juice. hm. Works on the right side just fine though. Also took out the small switch for the door lights, no power. Inside opera light, and the red lights in the doors. No power. Tried to look through these wiring diagrams, but can´t seem to find what I am looking for. Anyone inclined in this with better glasses than me ? http://www.autozone.com/repairguides/GM-Cadillac-1967-1989-Repair-Guide/WIRING-DIAGRAMS/WIRING-DIAGRAMS/_/P-0900c152801c8670
  3. Yahoo Fellow Caddy owners. I need your help. Badly. Like really badly. And if that ain´t bad enough I am on not even in the U.S either. Man oh man. Where to begin. I inspected my old 1988 after many years, and after much needed help from friends too. Everythaaang went ok, until picking up car again after cleared inspection. Water was puking out from underneath the car. Gaaaah! and we just hade all the gaskets changed, heads and manifiolds and so forth. Seems like the coolant came from, a pipe sticking out underneath, and behind the waterpump. Found a pic that I enclose. Does anyone have a part number for this part. seems like it is dealer only. Any form av help greatly appreciated Sincerly Klas
  4. Solved!!! End of thread This was the part that fixed it http://www.rockauto.com/en/moreinfo.php?pk=85822&cc=1025682&jsn=538
  5. Hello hello! And Greetings from Sweden Thought I ask for some help, since I am stuck on a problem. As you read in the title, that blower fan won´t shut off. So far I have tested the following on this little shortie Caddy: Relays underneath the bag that contains window washer fluid, they are all ok. Checked all fuses on both panels on both sides, all ok. Relays underneath the right kickpanel (passenger side), they are all ok. Pulled out the blower resistor, underneath the plastic cover on the firewall. See, here is where it gets real interesting. The incoming power cable to the blower resistor has a continus voltage of 12.8 v. Hm, what controls the power on this cable? What have I missed? Please help, this problem keeps keeps uncharging my battery. And a new blower resistor is expensive, and I think it is not this that is causing the problem. Sincerly Klas Hope to hear from you. If you come to sweden I´ll buy you a beer
  6. Haj allihopa! Ja inte är man snabb med att svara. Men men. Det blev en hel följetång med kärran sen. Toppapackningsbyte bland annat. Mitt problem löstes med följande del: http://www.rockauto.com/en/moreinfo.php?pk=85822&cc=1025682&jsn=538 Mvh Klas
  7. Hej hej. Har ett prekärt litet problem på min Dallasdroska Kupé fläkten går hela tiden. Jag har kollat: Säkringar i panelen vid handbroms. Säkringar och reläer vid passagerarsidan. Reläerna bakom batteri och spolarvätskepåsen. Alla dessa är hela. Det enda som får stopp på den är bortkoppling av minuspol. Samt bortkoppling av kabel till fläkten som sitter inne i motorutrymmet. Vad göra? vad har jag glömt? Blir inte klok på det. Någon som kan vara behjälplig? Mvh Klas
  8. Breaking News! Update! Almost a year ago now since I tackled the above problem. I have to get back in this thread to close it off, seems like nobody does that anymore LOL. Also to send my regards for the fantastic help from this forum. Big thanks to all of your support! The car is up and running, no problems with water leak since I changed the head gaskets. Water pump, and some pipes. The only thing I could not buy new, and which I ended up welding. Was a long thin, twisty pipe running underneath the front engine bay. Placed, if I remember correctly. Right under engine block. Towards the radiator. Behind water pump, and connecting to the water pump outlet cover. This part seems to be out of production. So be careful future owners of Devilles. DON'T discard or junk this item. You will need it to be able to use it for a new mockup part. Or to be able to save the old one. Now I am off to a new adventure with this car. Will try to restore some small issues. Like why is there no power locks besides on the driver side. And why is there no interior lights on my left side of the car? Woop Woop! Enjoy the summer! Cheers! Best Regards Klas
  9. Ty, ty :-) Junkyard no luck. But seems I can order this new for 80 buckaroos. So will place order today and hope it turns up beeing the right part, woop woop! To be continued...
  10. Yowzaaa. After all this wonderful help I have managed to find a spare part number for this specific part. The part is called water pump outlet, and part number is.... Tadaaaa! 1626631. It is is tricky though, because this is a Gm part and can sometimes go under the Chevy name apparently. Searching through online databases and Ebay said this part was Chevy. Dunno why. It is Cadillac gawd dang it. I have also managed too fina junkyard that might have one used. Which means a 4 hour drive back and forth. Will know more about this tomorrow. Thread continues
  11. Oh, this link was helpful too http://www.wholesalegmpartsonline.com/showAssembly.aspx?ukey_product=2608833&ukey_assembly=368727&ukey_make=1023&ukey_model=14465&ukey_driveline=11474&ukey_trimlevel=0&modelYear=1988
  12. Hope this work http://s1070.photobucket.com/user/KimDealfan/Cadillac Deville 1988/story
  13. Howdy Ho! I am located in Sweden. Got some pics I will upload here. Always helpful. I need gaskets and all the mumbo jumbo surrounding this pipey part. And the waterpump itself was surprisingly not pricey at all. Good lord I am thankful for this. Hope this whole thread can help someone else in the same position. I have super expert help from a buddy too. and access to an excellent autoshop too. Praise the lord or satan if you happen to be into that Cheers! Klas
  14. Sweet A lot of pure awesomeness goes out from my end Thanks a bunch Right on the links, Yihaaw.
  15. Hey there folks! Thank you so much for your response, it means a lot when you are getting your hands dirty. And feel a bit stumped that you can not solve the problem, lol. Well, the relays I pulled all out, but fan kept blowing:) Then interchanged them too, since they are all about the same type. and I can control different speeds when it is blowin. Just can´t seem to shut it off. Me and a very friendly neighbour are going to the workshop now too search for what we think might cause this. I have no idea if it might be so, but, anyways. what if there is some sort of time control device that s gotten stuck. Have no better way to explain it, but if there is something that tells the fan to run for a certain amount of time. And then shut it self down, that might be the problem. Oldtimer: I did pull that upwards from a sort of heatsink, it had a cooler in it, if you peeked into it. The thing itself looked like a little aluminum thingie with 2 connections to it. But 1 cable is the power source, and that cable had constant voltage on it. Could it be, that here between that cooling element and that other connection. that is where the solution is. that this little thingie should tell the fan to shut off. It costs alot buy new. But it is as you say totally separeted from the blower fan. not integrated into that one so to speak. Well, gonna cruise down there, and see if I get any smarter. If I do get any smarter I will post solution here. As someone once said: If You're So Smart, How Come You're Not Rich? Well, If you´re so rich, how come you´re not smart!
  16. Pixies

    Ny medlem :)

    Hej alla därute i sommaren med Cadillacs. Ny medlem här på forumet med Min Cadillac Deville -88 Har haft i några år nu, ställdes tyvärr av då jag fick något fel på tomgången som verkar ha n¨åt att göra med en grunka som heter isc. Mvh Klas i Skåne. Mer info kommer. Väl mött!
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    Ny medlem :)

    Hej hej, här har man ju inte varit på år och dar Felet var en kass egr Tack för alla svar, jag har fått lite motivation tillbaka. och skall försöka ta tag i denna sjukt härliga lilla bil igen.
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    Ny medlem :)

    Tjena tjena! Coolt med lite aktiva medlemmar värmen till trots. Jag luskade runt med fantastisk hjälp av grannar angående detta med hög tomgång. Lyckades hitta en felande egr ventil, den där grunkan som ser ut som en fet stor termostat med en gummiflärp i. Den höll inte tätt. om jag förstår det rätt, ska den iallafall lyckas hålla tryck. Den där mojängen som har en bult i sig som pekar på gasspjället, eller vad man nu ska kalla det. Den verkar åka in ut som den ska. Så ny egr ska hämtas i nästa vecka, spännande, spännande. Förövrigt kan jag lämna en anekdot om det här med dyr bensin. Jag har kört denna lilla cadillac från malmö till göteborg på 0.9. Inte dåligt för en relativt tung bil. Malmö-Stockholm och hem igen, under 0.9. Undrar genast varför jag bara har en, borde ju ha fler. hehehe.