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  1. Should work just fine. Any of the E/K platform should work ok. I have done tons of them. From all kinds of years. I might add that if it was replaced with a aftermarket it may be different Welcome to Caddyinfo forum
  2. Missing my Caddys

    Hi all. I am missing my caddys like crazy this winter. I am so happy that they are both safe and sound in the garage and considering the NY winter we are having I would rather they stay clean and dry. I am still thinking about the huge accomplishment of replacing the headliner assembly on my Seville and I cannot wait until spring to enjoy it again. I feel like I am the only one that puts 20 year old Caddys away for the winter. I also find it funny that my newest car is my winter rat. I love my nissan altima for a winter car but it lacks the v8 power I need. I drive it hard too Maybe we will get lucky and have a early spring. Happy motoring and Drive safely
  3. The air injection pump Located behind the bumper at the left front of the vehicle. Only runs on startup. Injects air into the exhaust to lean the exhaust. Common issue. Probably has, had water in it. The raised idle is normal
  4. Time For Inner Tie Rods 99 Deville

    even then It always seems to have to be ordered
  5. Missing my Caddys

    Lol My Deville is supposed to be my daily driver. When I retired my 96 Deville I bought my nissan. Problem is that my nissan did not satisfy me for a DD. So I bought my 97 Deville. I decided I wanted to preserve it so I put it away in the winter like my Seville. I am not sure why but I agree that Cadillacs do not rust as quick as others. At least none of mine have. But the rust was popping up pretty good on my 96. the reason they rust below the fuel door is because of the foam type padding that soaks up moisture and salt. It just sits there and rots
  6. Time For Inner Tie Rods 99 Deville

    Recommend Rockauto. Have always had great luck with them
  7. Time For Inner Tie Rods 99 Deville

    still need it. does anyone in your area do loner tool? Advanced, autozone,, etc...
  8. It is at the top of the door panel at the base of the window. Pulling up unlocks it. Pushing it down (flush with the panel) locks it.
  9. Time For Inner Tie Rods 99 Deville

    get the tool. They are on there very tight and there is no clearance for a wrench. the tool slides over the whole rod and you hook a gun or bar up to it to break it free. I have done enough of them to know how tight they can be
  10. Front Strut Components

    no. I have those. That is the bellow and bumper. thanks for the response
  11. Hi All. I want to put new front struts in my 97 D'elegance this year but have a issue. I have new struts, springs, bellows, bumpers, mounts, and bearings. But I cannot find the rubber at the base of the spring. I want to assemble the new struts so I can just install them in the spring. Anyone have any experience here with this? IIRC I need the upper spring seat and insulator. Believe I have the lowers I may have asked before but am still stuck. Thanks all
  12. Missing my Caddys

    I am counting down the days. In my experience there is no way to prevent rust unless you remove all of the panels and coat them. I am extremely picky. Iol on the toyota response. Same thing with my Nissan
  13. Power window control problem

    The battery terminals should never be disconnected while the vehicle is running. They should never be touched together at all while the battery is hooked up. I would say it is likely related to that doors module. possibly Due to broken wiring in the rubber between the door and the B pillar. It may be stuck locked and therefore cannot be opened from either handle. What happens when you manually unlock and lock the door? The window is controlled by the module also but it may also be a bad regulator. I have seen on multiple occasions people prop the window up and remove the plug from the motor. Anything is possible Best of luck. welcome to Caddyinfo. Not bad a Caddy Uber.
  14. There is a fuel pressure port under the hood on the driver side of the engine. Should be checked by a professional really as fuel is flammable. Have you ever smelled anything odd? A clogged cat will usually cause a P0420 code and you may smell sulfer (rotten eggs smell) Clogged Cat can also cause the issue you describe as the flow is poor and cannot handle load. Checking with a vacuum gauge should help that, or sometimes in a pinch you can drive it til it is hot and have a look underneath to see if you see anything glowing.
  15. Ok so that main battery cable controls alot. I had that cable bad on my 1997 Deville. It Check the fuse box for corrosion. Check the bolt for that cable to be sure it is tight. There are relays and maxifuses in that box that control almost everything. Also check ground connections in that same area. You are on the right track, I figured that was the cable. Also if it did not do that before I assume that messing with that area likely caused a few gremlins. I would say you are likely missing a ignition input to one of the modules and it is taking the datalink down due to the (missing) module.
  16. Thanks for updating. Too bad as they are a nice vehicle. Very reliable when maintained. When I retired my 1996 I felt lost. I ended up buying a 97. Dumped a bit of money into it and love it too. Have a big soft spot for the Deville
  17. MSM is memory seat module. driver seat position sensor IIRC. Does it idle high, low, or anything other than 600-700 at idle? I wonder if it could be the throttle position sensor. So if you ease into it the engine does not stall but if you step on it it stalls. that sound right. Welcome to Caddyinfo. I highly suggest you check fuel pressure also. Low fuel pressure can cause starvation under load. May have enough to start but not enough under load
  18. Front Strut Components

    There is one for them? I was not able to find them. It is not for magnaride either. I did get Arnotts though. typically I would go with the KYB quick struts or monroe if kyb is not a option but I could not find either.
  19. hmm. Where did the cable go? to the fuse box... Have you tried disconnecting the battery, letting it sit, and trying it again. That sounds weirder than normal. Like continuity between fuse or relay terminals. It may be jumping across causing weird issues.
  20. Looks like 152 Shale. Very common color. a light tan color Thank you for posting your RPO list
  21. Help with navigation DVD

    Ouch. I thought NY was bad. The price for paradise. Or at least the far travels. Good luck. I hope someone can help you out
  22. There you go. It is very likely the one that goes through the firewall to under the dash.It controls the HVAC and the parking brake release. should be easy to see the hard line being you are missing the rest of the blower box. It is underneath it somewhere
  23. does the parking brake release? It may be the line that goes through the firewall to the dash. It controls the air mix doors and the parking brake release
  24. hmm. If there is 2 lines already on the exhaust solenoid I would say it does not go there. The open one is for the vent