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  1. I use NOS any time I can. I have found Delco parts that were rebranded, most coming from Korea or China. Welcome to CaddyInfo.
  2. Sharp looking touring coupe
  3. would be nice if I could see the pics. All I see is the message from photobucket
  4. It is 14 years old. That is a lot of spinning and heat for that time. I would say it has lasted more than its lifespan. You probably wont have to change it again
  5. Just to give a small update on this replacement engine It does not use oil. I have to add maybe a half quart between changes. Even though it has a slight seep I am getting 20 MPG all day long. The coolant temperature rarely goes over 196 even on hot days, Highest it has been is maybe 212 idling in traffic on a hot day. Engine runs strong and has alot of power, makes no unusual noises. I would call that a top running engine
  6. What a blast this car has been with the new headliner installed. I have never driven it more than I have this year. Think I have put about 2500 miles on it this season, about 6000 on my Deville (DD) I am incredibly pleased with how it came out. Made this cherry one step closer to being mint. I actually have done 2 headliners this year. I just replaced the one in my 1990 Chevy Scottsdale. (what a relic it is) Was cake to do and find in comparison to the Seville too. Been a successful summer
  7. To update this I have a new compressor to install but just have not had the time to install it. I am going to replace the upper and lower insulators while I am there. If that does not resolve the issue I will replace the shocks either over the winter while stored or at the beginning of the next season. It has been riding just fine as long as I dont load it up. I still think that my Seville has the firmer suspension that the STS got. It has always been a firmer riding and handling car since I got it. Probably has stiffer springs in the rear and that is why it is still sitting high when unloaded
  8. Well I have the kit to fix the horn issue but my picky self am waiting for a nice uncovered steering wheel. Needle in a haystack I am sure we all know. I actually found that the 2000-01 ETC has a wood grain steering wheel with my same column (eldo kept the same saginaw as the 90s) but Probably even harder to find. I seem to have found a wheel that is supposed to be mint and am keeping my fingers crossed. Once I have a wheel I am satisfied with I will pull everything
  9. Ok humor me here, pop the defroster grille up. In the center you will find 2 sensors. The one you will want to remove is the one that is like a lamp socket. It is a twist and pull to remove and install. It will be a round blue disc on the top with a dot in the middle. Check that to see if it is covered in dust. If it is clean it lightly and see if it continues to occur, If it does I recommend replacing it. If it does not then you are good.. I am assuming your outside lamps may be acting up also but are harder to notice. Recommend pulling codes also. IPC IIRC
  10. sounds normal to me. It prevents damage. I dont know if I would typically rev that high. Usually around 5500 tops. You dont want it to go into third gear
  11. If this is a 99 Deville Pull the codes It may have a bad pot dimmer (dimming potentiameter ) does it only happen at night? Do you notice any issues with the cluster or the control lights on either side of it . If the button lights work fine on the cluster then I would say it is likely a connection issue at a splice in the dash. I would have to look it up once I confirm if the year is a typo
  12. You could substitute a fine needle nose pliers I have found that other than the correct panel tools that is the only thing that works in a pinch, At least without damaging other things. Or use a pair of wire cutters and cut them and replace them when reinstalling the panel. Good luck to you
  13. lol. I would have suggested that also. You would be amazed what a good reset will do. Most of the time when a shift solenoid is bad it will not be intermittent, unless it is a harness issue. Not saying it is not possible though. Nearly every shift solenoid I have done was broken.
  14. Which maxifuse is it? What is it labeled? Trying to narrow down what it controls. Welcome To CaddyInfo
  15. the number for the 98 Concours should be 16266916, 09354796 either number will work. The later is the newest number for the unit. That is the one you want. If you have the DSP option which would be on the right bottom of your original unit then you have active audio. I bought the Isimple IS31, IS335, and the 2 antenna adapters to adapt for the GM antenna. The unit also has a cd player. I absolutely love them. Like a world of difference. They are a fine touch of luxury. Both of mine have been working flawlessly and love the aux input on the Seville. I always wanted it but didnt want to do any modifications To be sure it is understood Compatibility is not 98-01. It varies by model. Year 2000 uses a different data communication and will not work on the older model