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  1. I would pull the liner from inside the trunk by the latch and check the plugs that go to the actuator and third brake assembly. One or both may be broken or unplugged. I would say that whatever the problem is should be easy to spot. Welcome to CaddyInfo.
  2. The ABS and Traction lights will not cause your issue but I would assume overtime it would not be good for the health of the transmission. If it has warranty I would be returning it to where the transmission was overhauled. I would not consider reusing a torque converter on one of these, especially if that code was present. Best of luck.
  3. A few things. If the ABS and traction lights have been on for ages then the transmission has shifted differently for ages. Also if you are still getting the P0741 then there is a problem with the torque converter, whether trans has been overhauled or not. Something may have been missed. Was the transmission harness inspected? Did the issues start right after install? What was the reason for overhauling the transmission in the first place? Lastly Welcome To CaddyInfo Forum. Hope we can help you figure it out
  4. Here is a telltale way to tell if a mechanic is familiar with the Northstar. Ask them where the starter is located. If they say anywhere but under the intake run the other way. Laugh but it works. Anyone who says it is a horrible place to put one has never owned one. I have yet to ever have to change one
  5. Update. that green timing part fell off again. I have no idea why it would fall back off as it is tight to pull it back off when it is reattached. Only other thing I can think of to do is put a drop of oil where it spins and hope for the best. I didnt know it had fallen off until I kept hearing the motor clicking. Grr
  6. ouch. I dont recommend going out of gear while moving unless it is a emergency. All kinds of things can happen, especially if you are picking up speed and put it in neutral, Some of the newer vehicles have range inhibit that prevents engagement of any gear under the wrong conditions. You could be driving down the road and put it in reverse and all it will do is neutral. until it feels it is safe to change gear. when you were trying to restart it what was it doing? (cranking but not firing?) Assuming line pressure changed and the torque applied to reverse I would say that is likely hard on the driveline because the driveshaft is spinning in one direction and then it is quickly torqued the opposite direction. When you did it did you instantly feel a hard drop in speed?
  7. When it died did it just shut off or stumble and die? It could be a fuel pump issue also. If the oil light was on before it quit I would go that route. If it came on after it shut off that is normal. I am sorry I was very tired when I responded last night
  8. Welcome To Caddyinfo did it make any noise before it shut down? I would unplug the oil pressure sender that is located on the oil filter housing above the oil filter. See if the plug has oil in it. If it does replace the oil pressure sender. Even if it doesnt it wouldnt be a bad idea to replace it Pretty common problem. Had the light ever come on or flickered before this happened?
  9. I bet you nailed it. Never even heard of one of those. Thank you very much. going to have to do some homework to see if that source can be used..... (for another purpose anyway)
  10. Hi all. I have a weird question. I installed a RDS radio in my 97 Deville (LOVE IT) Never thought it was possible til I did it. Anyway the display shows the sources. single cd, cassette, radio, multi disc, Then there is a picture of what looks like a floppy disc. That is the question. What the heck is the disc for. I got to see it by going into diagnostic mode and it going through its lamp check. I wondered about it because when it showed the available sources the last slot was always empty. I would love to be able to use my satellite radio and my MP3 player with it but have no idea (beside cassette adapter or fm modulator) how it is possible
  11. Today was a huge accomplishment. I remember the day I fixed my air ride on my 96 Deville and how it rode. Well today I overhauled the 97 Deville. Brand new compressor and Arnott air shocks. I swear it raised the back end at least 3 inches. I dont think it worked since I bought it. It has rode nice but not like it does now. I find these cadillacs ride great even in the worst of conditions. The tell tale failure was the compressor would run for awhile and shut off, then after 30 or so seconds it would run again. It never built air to the shocks. I finally got a chance to look at it and found the exhaust valve corroded and stuck open. So anytime the compressor ran it all went out the exhaust. Very common failure, either it fails and sticks shut jacking up the rear end, the other never builds air. I am going to have to replace the rear insulator bushings. I am curious if anyone else here has changed them?? they are sandwiched between the body and rear subframe. I have replaced them in 2 out of 4 cadillacs I have owned. they are shot on this one and I have to change them before they get too bad on my Seville. I will try to post pictures when I do them but they dont look good. I was going to do them today but the compressor took too long.
  12. lol I thought we only had those here in NY
  13. Please share a pic if you can. Same thing on my Seville, never seen another.
  14. Thats Hot.
  15. Does it only go off when unlocking the door(s)? With the key and the fob or one and not the other? Did you disconnect the battery when you removed the door panel? I ask this because you may want to try this. When you remove the door panel it can mess with that doors door module Did you have any issues removing and reinstalling the door panel? they can be easily damaged if not done properly Also the plug that is secured to the door panel is meant to snap back into place when reinstalled