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  1. If you compressed the rear calipers with c clamps they are now junk. The correct tool is under 10 dollars. And it can be substituted with a nice pair of needle nose pliers. the calipers are released by turning the piston until it retracts. The setup is actually the best dual brake setup I have seen yet. Very reliable. Also to date I have never changed a rear hub assembly on any cadillac unless it was hit or hit something on the corner in question. the fronts on the other hand are common and typically howl when they fail
  2. check my reply on your thread inn the general forum Welcome to the forum BTW
  3. yup. I want to figure out a way to do my own Automatic High beam. That would be a wonderful useful feature
  4. The temperature control doors are not vacuum controlled. They are electric actuators. They are located behind the glove compartment. I just went through it on my 97 Deville. Was blowing cold on the left and normal on the right. The lower is accessed by removing the hush panel on the passenger side. The upper is accessed by removing the glovebox insert. My lower one failed. A easy tip though is to disconnect the battery. Let it sit for a few minutes. Now hook it up, turn the key on (without starting engine) Most important step. Let it sit without touching anything for 1 minute. After one minute recycle the key and see if it works properly. That will relearn all of the actuator positions. As for your Air ride issue it is very likely that your exhaust valve in the Air ride compressor is corroded and it is either stuck open (very likely) or stuck shut. (back end would be jacked high in this case). I have 2 97s right now. Have had a 96, 97, and a 01 eldo, 96 Deville, etc... Pretty well been through it all. I love them. Otherwise I would not own them This pic is a before pic of my Deville. the current picture is alot better as I have been hard at work restoring it to its proper glory
  5. I have only run Delco 78 series batteries in all 3 of my GMs. I have had no charging system issues. I now think that this could be the cause of my ABS and Traction lights come on on startup. If the battery does not have enough amperage then it may not be able to power everything on startup. today I went 60 miles with 4 stops. No issues. Tomorrow is going to be cold so I guess I will find out in the morning if it will leave me hanging
  6. So I finally found a little time to charge the battery today. It fired right up. I am going to slow charge it overnight and try to see how it goes during the week. Maybe I will notice something that will tell me what caused it to go dead so fast in the first place
  7. hmm. There were a few years with changes. It has to do with data baud, speed, etc... 96-97 98, 98-99 2000-2001, 2000-2002 2003-2006 2007-2010 ..... it is ongoing. It completely varies by vehicle manufacturer, and sometimes even by model.
  8. simply unplugging the ignition switch should tell you if that is at fault. I kind of doubt that is your issue but it doesnt hurt to test it
  9. does this car have a remote car starter? Whether you know it or not it may. It would likely be under the dash on the driver side somewhere. If it does I would immediately disconnect the big plug on it and see if problem continues. A failing car starter can do many weird things like that That can be causing your problem Welcome to CaddyInfo
  10. Welcome to Caddyinfo. I am thinking that is not what caused your engine to shut down. I could be wrong though. was it on the stick at all? When it shut down did you still have lights and gauges? or did everything go dead If this was a northstar 2 quarts would not even affect it.
  11. Well I may have to put my 97 seville away earlier than I wanted this year. I had been driving it daily til a week or so ago. I got home from work one night, went out the next morning and the battery was nearly completely dead. Wouldn't even do a full turn. I had to leave it and take my other car. I had to wait til the weekend to charge the battery. Then it started fine. I drove it that day and now it is dead again. The problem now is that I cannot reach a charger to it. I tried to jump start it with 2 jump starters and neither helped. so I figure I will have to pull the battery. I know the battery will be replaced before spring but I am still stumped on how it was dead overnight in the first place. Now my 96 Deville awhile back had the same issue and what happened with that one was the blower motor went and ran til the battery was dead. I hope that is not the issue here. Just bummed because thanks to my lovely schedule I dont have the time to get to it so it has to sit. On the plus side the battery is almost 10 years old and was trouble free before this issue. Good thing I got my trusty Deville. I have no complaints with that one. Happy Motoring. I think our summer ran late this year
  12. welcome to Caddyinfo. do not worry about the oil consumption. It was not a real issue til the 2000s. My 97s use no oil. I preach to driving them like they are designed to be driven. I dont run full synthetic, rather rotella 10w30. Test drive this car, hard and on the highway. Keep an eye on the coolant gauge. If it stays normal and does not overheat on hard acceleration then likely the Headbolt issue is not present. I would say do a bi products test of the coolant but I have had bad ones still pass, until they were blowing exhaust out of the tank. Use your nose to check the smell of the coolant. If it smells like exhaust, pass on it. The crankcase may seep a little oil but I have dealt with that also and it is a very minor tolerable issue. A well maintained Cadillac is actually very affordable to maintain. But one that has been neglected can add up with some issues. Very common problem is the rear knuckle bushings (upper and lowers) I have changed them on numerous caddys, every one of mine, (6) the door panels suck. they are very commonly broken and not holding on by much. I have had 2 eldos. I am a Big Sedan kind of guy so I favor my Deville over the Eldo. Other than those issues they are wonderful cars that are extremely addicting, otherwise I would not keep buying them. If the last change of the coolant is unknown get it changed ASAP. Trust me it is commonly overlooked. If you are looking for a car to drive short distances in the city I dont necessarily recommend one of these, but if you travel and drive on the highway commonly then they are perfect. I get 20 mpg all day long with both of my 97s and I like to move. I dont drive a v8 to move at a snails pace.