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  2. On my 2003 Deville I need to know what color the carpet is and also the color of the inside panel over the A pillar. What code(s) in my RPO list provides this? Identification codes_edited.jpg?dl=0
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  4. Are you using the step-by-step instructions that I posted above? Which step is failing, or stopping you?
  5. here's how to drop the tank if you need to on your model, and inspect / replace tank, fuel pump, and / or fuel pump sending unit ...
  6. I don't know what is causing it to not go into programming mode. I wish I did know. I tried for a few hours and still wasn't able to get this done. I am stubborn, but my body has it's limits and I hit those limits today. I will probably try again, but it will be a while before I do. I thought I had all the right connections made, but there are so many wires and two different diagrams, one for the car and one for the starter, so it is possible I didn't have some of the wires connected in the right spot.
  7. What, exactly, is stopping you from getting into the programming mode?
  8. Thanks, I had that documentation, still couldn't get it done. I went out and tried again today, got a little further. I could at least get the Escalade to do everything but start... still couldn't get into the programming mode either.
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  10. I found a page-by-page manual on and found this" I don't have a list of the 28 programmable options handy. The Crimestoppers web site doesn't seem to have a downloadable PDF manual but they do have a page with videos, including one for programming your unit, that seems compatible with the instrucitons: Scroll down and there are three videos linked at the bottom of the page. One of them is "Programming your remote."
  11. Yes, that is the unit I have. I have to get into the programming mode for the remote start to change it from starting with one push of the lock button to three pushes of the lock button to start.
  12. What are you trying to get into the programming mode, the car, or the remote starter? If you are using an remote that works, you don't need to program the car for it again. I looked online to try to identify your unit and get the installation manual. I believe that this is a Crimestoppers RS00-G5 unit. If it's another unit, please get the make and model off the box and post it here.
  13. I am getting more and more frustrated each day. I can not get into the programming mode to program it. I believe this is part of what is causing it not to start. I have followed all of the instructions that I have documentation for but for the life of me I can't get this rotten thing to work. I have spent multiple days, hours each time trying to get this working, and each time I feel like I have been hit by a Mack truck! At this point it looks like I am just going to give up and save up for a few months and take it somewhere to have it installed. I have installed multiple stereo systems with no problems but this is just... well, it won't cooperate with me at all. I just wish that someone who has installed one of these lived close to me so I could get some help. It's ok, I should hopefully have this installed by next winter.
  14. I'm trying to revive a Denso Bose Nav system for my Seville (factory OE). I bought it used and the battery that keeps software memory in the unit has obvious gone flat. It's bricked. Only thing it will do is accept/eject discs. A software CD came out in 2006 to fix units that were (already!) showing only a blank screen. GM said to update the AVN system software using an update disc, P/N 19115256. I have been sent the kwi file that was on that disc and burned it to a CD-R and tried loading it into the Nav. It doesn't work; a screen comes up saying it doesn't recognise the disc. Has anyone had any luck with loading software on these Nav systems? I believe it's the same unit in the DeVIlle.
  15. So, they will use performance measurements to determine restrictor and rev limiter specs so that nobody dominates. Run the tests on bias-ply mud tires.
  16. Keep us posted here. Inquiring minds want to know! And, dialogue during the process of the job, if it runs overnight, can bring up information that can help speed things up for you, and help others that are thinking about the same job and turn up this thread in an Internet search.
  17. The new 5.5-litre normally-aspirated engine in Cadillac's DPi contender has had its restrictors reduced in diameter by 0.6mm to 31.6mm after dominating the official pre-race test at Daytona earlier this month. Read more:
  18. Help with navigation DVD

    Ouch. I thought NY was bad. The price for paradise. Or at least the far travels. Good luck. I hope someone can help you out
  19. Hmm....maybe. Most here haven't work on a carb in 20 years. That should be a GM Rochester Quadrajet 4 barrel carb. At one time.....there were millions of them out there. The Buicks were set up a little different than the Oldsmobiles....a little different than the Pontiacs etc.....solenoids and vacuum pots etc were sometimes different.. Some early ones had a little metal ID tag....I think some had a part # on the carb housing. I would search Google Images. Do you have a picture of the part?
  20. “I think it’s safe to say that phase one of our strategy is proceeding according to plan,” de Nysschen said during a presentation at the Automotive News World Congress in Detroit. “If we could achieve that level of growth that quickly with a relatively old product portfolio, you’ll understand that we’re highly optimistic about our prospects for when we start launching our new products.” Read more:
  21. Check grounds to make sure all went back.
  22. Jalopnik pointing out Cadillac has some effective, competitive lease offers svailable
  23. General Motors announced today that Flint Engine Operations will serve as the manufacturing site for the all-new Duramax 3.0L turbo-diesel for the 2019 Silverado. View the full article
  24. General Motors announced today that Flint Engine Operations will serve as the manufacturing site for the all-new Duramax 3.0L turbo-diesel for the 2019 Silverado. View the full article
  25. For the third year in a row, IHS Markit, a leading source of global automotive industry information, analysis and insight, has recognized General Motors as the company with the highest overall customer loyalty. Buick was also recognized with an award for the Most Improved Loyalty to Make during the 2017 model year. The announcements were made last night at the Automotive News World Congress held in conjunction with the North American International Auto Show. View the full article
  26. There you go. It is very likely the one that goes through the firewall to under the dash.It controls the HVAC and the parking brake release. should be easy to see the hard line being you are missing the rest of the blower box. It is underneath it somewhere
  27. possible throttle body and connector issue.
  28. The missing vacuum line is for mode control for HVAC. The line connects to a feed line down near the oil filter adapter housing, you will see a cluster of lines bolted to the cylinderhead.
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