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  2. Update, well not much of one. No luck. There is one huge question that I cannot find the answer to How much of a difference is there between the OEM moonroof and the Webasto unit. What I am getting at is if I can get headliner that is designed for a OEM moonroof would it work in my case
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  4. I am getting i034 and stop engine low oil wait message and traction disabled without it running when switch is 1st turned on everything works then 5 secs later fuel range goes out you can also go into the information button and it will not show engine temp I had a thread were I was getting a p073 engine over heat problem but engine would not be hot I believe you helped me with that also any help will be greatly appreciated
  5. See this thread also, what symptoms are you.having?
  6. @Göran W Just went to rockauto go do with your part number, much cheaper. 500 to 700 dollars. They will ship to you We probably have a 5 percent discount for you also
  7. Did they want your first born too Try Ebay?
  8. Hello. I would start with checking all of the fuses. If you have a owners manual the fuses should be labeled. How long have you owned this car? when you say sender what are you referring to? Check the link arm(s) located at the ride height sensor(s). See if any of them are disconnected. It is possible that the compressor seized up. That is a pretty common failure if the vent hoses have rotted off.
  9. @james pierro
  10. Have you verified that the electronic level control fuse is good? If the fuse is good, check the suspension height sensor to make sure it is still connected to the control arm and the frame.
  11. Hello, my name is James, I am having a problem with level ride system on my 1985 cadillac seville I have replaced the sender and relay , the shocks seem to be ok and holding air, the compressor they told me is weak? not sure of that I took the car to the dealer, which i think is reliable for i know them, i think they don't know this car any longer and aim sad. the light doesn't come on anymore on the dash at start up
  12. Well.... Got confirmation from dealer in US that the partnumber above 19300076 is correct. Total cost was however "no sweet deal". Shipping matches part price and on top there is toll and taxes. All together it will come to around 1.500 USD. May reconsider.
  13. Logan, Thanks so much for the prompt response. I'm one of those wacko persons that can't stand to have something sitting around 'broke' and I'm quite uncomfortable without a back up vehicle in the garage. Unfortunately, your comments were way over my head, but I will share then with my neighbor who is much more savvy than I. He read the codes last night and determined that the culprit is the fuel pump. I did mention in my post that the fuel gauge has been inaccurate for several weeks now. He'll pick up a complete fuel pump tomorrow; not too difficult a job and my son will do the install tomorrow night. Thanks again, and I'll continue to share my experiences with The Forum. Pgh Steve
  14. I am also having speedo not working problems with a 2002 Eldorado-just replaced vss and no luck-fuel gauge also not working-cruise and odometer not working-and mph led brightness fluctuates-just bought car for cheap and trying to fix up-would also like to know how to test output signal wire from pcm for speedo-just getting into this project and would like to know any good web sights to find flow charts for sensor troubleshooting
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  16. Was this ever fixed mine is doing the same thing
  17. Last week
  18. I suggest that you put an OBD code reader on it and solve the problems, and then see how the car is with no codes. That should get the car going well with a minimum of time and money. Problems that are actually caused by mods will be found and fixed that way. You can find the Easter eggs as you maintain the car over the years.
  19. Cadillac V-Performance Racing drivers Michael Cooper (Syosset, N.Y) and Jordan Taylor (Apopka, Fla.) finished third in the GT Pro/Pro category in today's first of two Pirelli World Challenge (PWC) SprintX races this at Virginia International Raceway (VIR). Teammates Johnny O'Connell (Flowery Branch, Ga.), and Ricky Taylor (Lake Mary, Fla.) came to the checker in sixth. View the full article
  20. Cadillac V-Performance Racing drivers Michael Cooper (Syosset, N.Y) and Jordan Taylor (Apopka, Fla.) finished third in the GT Pro/Pro category in today's first of two Pirelli World Challenge (PWC) SprintX races this at Virginia International Raceway (VIR). Teammates Johnny O'Connell (Flowery Branch, Ga.), and Ricky Taylor (Lake Mary, Fla.) came to the checker in sixth. View the full article
  21. Picked up sts-v. Nice car. Now I'm searching all the forums to try to see if there are any pics of my car posted by previous owners to get info on the mods it has. Was raining when I picked it up. My 94 sts smoked it at stoplight. Guess my boy can't drive rwd with tc. Tried to post pics but guess they are to big.
  22. @Göran W Congratulations on the new car, that is a beauty!
  23. @OldCadTech Hi John No one has mentioned it yet but Northstar Performance has successfully modified the PCM in the 96 to 99 Northstars adding about 50 HP. Based on my discussions with Jake from Northstar Performance he plans to do the same to the 00 - 04 PCM if I am not mistaken. So you may want to contact Jake at Northstar Performance to see if he has made any progress on the 2000 and newer. As OldCadTech noted, the increase in power does not come without the unwanted side affect of increased torque steer, but as you will see below, I have softened my concerns. Some claim to never have experienced torque steer, but if you have, you certainly don't want to make it worse. I first experienced it passing a truck with my 96 Deville, flooring it in the left lane to get by quickly, you are pulled left toward the guardrail. If you are not prepared for it or hold the steering wheel loosely, well..... Ill leave that to your imagination. If you do some research, you will note that GM capped the NS engine output in the transverse or FWD configuration at 300 HP, with the exception of the 2002 Eldorado anniversary edition that I was told at the dealer was 325 HP but don't quote me because I can not confirm that anywhere and believe me I have tried. But for the most part, they capped the NS output at 300 HP, when there was additional power on tap. I am very happy that Jake was able to open up the PCM, there are things I would like to do like, turn on the cooling fans earlier, raise the transmission line pressure slightly and maybe add a little LOPE at idle. But I was cautiously happy because of the potential side affect of increasing the torque steer. Bruce, mentioned that a member turbo charged his Northstar successfully, increasing the HP to about 600. But he also added a limited slip differential (LSD) from Engineered Performance out of Georgia. I had a long conversation with Jeff who did the work for Mark. The LSD totally eliminates the torque steer. Jeff calmed my concerns that adding 50 HP to the 96 to 99 would ramp up the torque steer by replying that he has driven NSs with 500 HP and the car was still drivable as long as you were aware that torque steer existed. He stated that it was necessary to stiffen up the rear so that on acceleration the weight was not shifted off the front tires and the geometry doesn't change. Here is Engineered Performance's web page Mark's last thread, where he speaks of rebuilding the 4T80E and LSD, it was done by Jeff at Engineered Performance.
  24. 2 codes....p0106 Map sensor performance. p0386 Crank sensor B A decel stall would be more likely a MAP issue than a crank sensor. Here is the MAP info... The manifold absolute pressure (MAP) sensor responds to changes in intake manifold pressure. The PCM supplies a 5 volt reference and a ground for the MAP sensor. The MAP sensor provides a signal to the PCM relative to the pressure changes in the manifold. With low manifold absolute pressure (high vacuum such as during idle or deceleration), the PCM should detect a low MAP sensor signal voltage. With high manifold absolute pressure (low vacuum such as key ON, engine OFF or wide-open throttle), the PCM should detect a high MAP sensor signal voltage. The PCM tests the MAP sensor to ensure that the sensor is functioning properly. The PCM predicts a MAP sensor value based on throttle position and engine speed. The PCM then compares the predicted value to the actual MAP sensor input. DTC P0106 will set if the actual MAP sensor input does not closely match the predicted value.
  25. Lister's, A few weeks ago I was happy to report that, upon installing a new OEM gas cap, the Check Engine Soon Light on the dash no longer appears. Unfortunately, that happy moment lasted only about a week (100 Miles) , my bubble burst and the message is back to greet me each time I drive the car. Now, a more serious problem has presented: Car ran fine on Wed. Wife tried to start car on Thurs. When she releases her foot from the gas pedal, the car stalls. Car will continue to run as long as gas pedal is depressed bkut I'm reluctant to take the car on the road to have my local Indy take a look. Also, fuel gauge is inaccurate again after replacing fuel pump twice. At this time I'm urgently hoping for some advice from The List before I call a tow truck. Any help will be appreciated. Response by email is AOK: Following codes were displayed through the dash: IPCU 1000 HISTORY IPMB 0425 VT DBD 2734 PCM P0106 P386 SDMU 1040 HISTORY VTD B1000 HISTORY. No ABS, AMP, DDM, DDS, DIMLRD, MSM, PDM, RCC, FTA, RIM, RRD.
  26. Cadillac V-Performance Racing drivers Michael Cooper (Syosset, N.Y) and Jordan Taylor (Orlando, Fla.) will start the first of two Pirelli World Challenge (PWC) SprintX races this afternoon at Virginia International Raceway (VIR) from the fourth row in seventh. Johnny O'Connell (Flowery Branch, Ga.), and Ricky Taylor (Apopka, Fla.) will start from the sixth row in 11th. View the full article
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