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  2. UPDATE: Both shift solenoids display required resistance 19 - 24 ohms (reading at 21,8 ohms). So we did one tricky thing. We clipped onto a wire (Engine side end) from 1-2 solenoid (light green) + 2-3 solenoid (yel/blk) + TCC solenoid (tan) + ground connection to manually command a shift. We made something like a switch board to which our wire clips were attached and took it for test drive. In "D" - solenoid A ON solenoid B OFF in first gear, in second gear A - OFF, B OFF, in third gear A OFF - B ON, in fourth gear A ON - B ON. Commanding through those switches did not change a thing so basically car was still in second with no change in rpms like of you had stick shift and changed your gear/speed by depressing clutch and upshifted by hand manually. So it is not electrical issue- shift solenoids or TCC. Does someone have a color diagram that would show how fluid travels within transmission when "D" is selected? There might be some kind of miniature blockage in valve body or something. Thanks
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  4. Would it be possible that a relay is going somewhere?
  5. Yes, it drops from the 13.5 down to 12.3 after cranking. I could vid the Actron which shows the starting voltage and while I crank..
  6. heres a vid. Hopefully the site will allow it. Otherwise just copy and paste the link.
  7. That sounds like a bad battery or bad connection someplace. Can you observe the voltmeter when you crank it? It is possible you will see it drop to like 8 volts. A jump would not help in that instance as the battery creates a huge draw. Crank it with a voltmeter connected
  8. Wife has been sick and need her help start the car while I record, probably this evening before I can get a short vid of it. The Actron says two low voltage codes. C0899 for the ABS and P0562 for the TCM. Other than that, no other codes. It shows 12.36 Volts until I jumped it, went up to 13.5 volts roughly during the jump. While jumped, still didn't start. Definitly get you a vid.
  9. refresh every 3 years is easy enough. Not sure if they will survive carwash etc but I think you had it right to start -- which is send out some and replace as needed with updated vinyl
  10. I have some vinyl lettering on our store sign which is in the sun most of the day ( when it is sunny ) and they last about 3 years. Once they start to curl they don't stay on long. Window film might be different though.
  11. As @BodybyFisher stated, This will give you an indication of the condition before you drain the trans again
  12. They did pass the 80 mph test I'll get better pics.
  13. Looking for a gift? Start here 👉 MicroTech Knives Custom Titanium Closer Knife

  14. Cadillac has teamed up with BLADE, the first digitally powered short distance aviation company that provides quick flights to the most in-demand destinations, to launch the “Cadillac Fly and Drive” program. View the full article
  15. Cadillac has teamed up with BLADE, the first digitally powered short distance aviation company that provides quick flights to the most in-demand destinations, to launch the “Cadillac Fly and Drive” program. View the full article
  16. Easy to change out of the car and get 2 outer tie rods too.
  17. I cut this one about 1" tall letters so around [edited] 4.5"x1" but each decal could be up to 12" in one dimension, any color. yes I am interested to see how it holds up. I will also shop some window cling material but most windows are tinted. This is Oracal 651 vinyl which the mfr claims will go 6 years. I am thinking send these out to who wants them once I make sure they "work" okay. I cut 4 of these to keep from wasting material but can make as many as needed.
  18. Well to update what I did, I did purchased a pair of aftermarket shocks, they went on really easy and they work just fine, they are not as heavy duty as the originals but the new were was over priced and the used were way over priced, if I need to beef up my suspension I can do a coil over shock with a nice Monroe shock and put a better coil on there also, I am sure that a reliable shop has figured out how to rebuild my old shocks that look structurally sound, if someone know anyone let me know, Thanks, John Sprague Oshkosh, Wisconsin
  19. GM Chairman and CEO Mary Barra and nonprofit leaders today introduced new, innovative programs designed to encourage young people to go into technology and engineering professions and improve teacher training in STEM-related subjects. View the full article
  20. OK, from what I see they require to measure it directly on solenoid itself by removing oil pan and not through the main electrical connector transmission end. It is a third time Im draining transmission.
  21. Anyone can explain what they mean by - measured across the terminals? In GM service manual it says: Shift solenoid resistance should measure 19 - 24 ohms. Shift solenoid current flow should not exceed 0,75 amps. The shift solenoid valve should energize at a voltage 7,5 volts or more (measured across the terminals). IMPORTANT: if both solenoids lose power only second gear shift will result = my situation but I need to clarify what they mean by across the terminals. We will check it through the main electrical connector end for transmission We shall also check the line pressure if it is within PSI as listed in the manual. Thx
  22. Texas heat It's gonna curl like Shirley Temples hair You may have to send a test sample to WA state for the water test I like it, What is the scale? No reference
  23. Had air conditioner serviced and replaced compressor. When starting vehicle and turning air on only blowing hot air. Have to drive around for 10 minutes pullover turn vehicle off and then restart and turn air on again and then it will work. Help.
  24. I cut out a CaddyInfo vinyl decal and added to my ATS-V rear window. The letters are individual vinyl decals on the outside of the rear quarter window. I will see how they wear test. They apply together so no need to align each letter etc
  25. I would pull the liner from inside the trunk by the latch and check the plugs that go to the actuator and third brake assembly. One or both may be broken or unplugged. I would say that whatever the problem is should be easy to spot. Welcome to CaddyInfo.
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