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  2. I think the cigarette lighters come back on when the PZM wakes up, which will happen if the car is tapped. Try rocking the bumpers with something plugged in one that has a pilot light.
  3. excellent. Great to hear. wish the 90s and early 2000s were as easy
  4. Update: I bought a new fan motor and installed it and all is well. Easiest fan motor I ever changed.
  5. does the leak change tone as you change the air flow settings? also does it leak in park? If it does not then you will want to check the green vacuum line that runs to the parking brake lever. More than likely one of your lines is disconnected. In my experience with this setup it is not common.
  6. My Deville just got put away today. I take no chances.
  7. Sorry to hear of your bad luck as well. I will keep my '96 Deville in the garage on the trickle charger for a few more months. If life is any indication of this thread, they are targeted!! Yes, might have to get 2 cheap side cameras from China on eBay. I'll have to figure out how to keep the cigarette lighters always on.
  8. The Eldorado never changed platforms after 1992, and the 1998 and later models mixed design details with the Seville/Deville of the same year and the Eldorado, depending on the item. As OldCadTech says, you need the FSM for the given model year to make sure. According to the 2002 FSM, the temperature doors are controlled by stepping motors that are run by electrical signals. No vaccum on the controller or the temperature doors. The doors that control the inside air/outside air are vacuum operated. The doors that control circulation from the defrosters, dash vents, or floor vents are vacuum operated. Poking around in the HTML available to me as the 2002 FSM, I find a vaccum actuator schematic. The vacuum operated under-dash items are: Air/Defrost door Air up and Air down actuators (two actuators in one housing) Recirc vacuum actuator (has a hose obstruction that implements a time delay) Parking brake release You could start by checking the parking brake release to see if the vacuum is making it all the way across the car. Start the car and leave it idling in Park for a few seconds, press the parking brake and wait a few more seconds, then take the transmission out of Park. If the parking brake releases, you have vacuum all the way across under the days. This does not mean that you don't have a vacuum leak, it just means that you don't have a hose pulled off somewhere. There is a vacuum tank under the hood. The vacuum hose from it goes to the firewall with a tee, the other hose goes to the throttle body. You can place where the vacuum goes through the firewall by spotting the hose off the vacuum tank. The vacuum control assembly is behind the glove compartment. It's mounted against the firewall. The FSM R&R procedure is to remove the glove compartment, but you can probably detect whether the main hose is off, or otherwise find the leak, by just removing the insulator panel (the leather panel under the glove compartment) and using your ears. If it's back there but you need to be more specific, you can use A 3/4" heater hose about 3 feet long, one end to an ear and poke the other back there to find the leak Do the same thing with a mechanic's ear Use your imagination The vacuum hoses run from the vacuum control assembly to each of the actuators except the emergency brake release, which is all the way across the car, so you can follow the vacuum hoses from there to the actuators.
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  10. You can rent a good truck, but you can't rent a good truck driver.
  11. I was thinking it looked like an imprint from a rear step bumper. Probably from a professional pick-up TRUCK driver who missed the backing up into the stall next to the Deville lesson...
  12. If you are talking about the 2002 ETC, I can't think of anything vacuum actuated under the dash. I'm pretty sure even the P-brake release was electric actuated in 2002. The only thing I can think of that might make that sound is some of the inside air temperature sensors had a small electric motor that would draw air across the sensor. I'm not sure 2002 had that even. Wait for @Cadillac Jim to chime in he has access to the FSM....
  13. Nope, no note, no cameras. How do you back into a car you're parked parallel to? In all my years of driving I've never been able to do that (even though I've wanted to on occasion).
  14. There's a soft vacuum leak sound coming from the dashboard area. My guess is that's it's the A/C system. Is this typical - how much of the dash do I have to take out to get to it, or should I let a tech do it? THANKS
  15. That one would need sidecams. I've heard of building surveillance cameras catching parking lot hit-and-runs and keyed car perpetrators, but I'll bet a box of mouse-ears hats that Wally World doesn't keep parking lot video for customers. It does look like there is a distinct print of a license plate bracket. Look very close and see if you can make out a license plate number.
  16. Oh my, I bet they left a note huh?
  17. It's a shame that so many states issue a drivers license to so many thoughtless, anal retentive morons. It's sorry to see modern human society placing making a buck over individual safety. Here is what parking at Wally World can get you:
  18. Am I correct that the starter is not engaging or even clicking?? It sounds like you have an anti-theft issue or an issue with the ignition switch. When you unlock the door with the keyless entry transmitter or unlock with the door key is the security light flashing? Turn the key to the run position but do not try to start the engine. Does the instrument cluster light up normally? Does the security light flash and then go out?
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  20. I'm interested to buy a Cadillac CTS 2008. The problem is that the car doesn't start at all. Electrical, battery etc. are fine but no chance that the car starts or even give a sound then turning the key. No fault codes found with Tech 2. A issue that may set this problem is that the car have lost both keys and a locksmith made new and also had them connected to the car. The locksmith are very good and said that the car and keys was connected but the car didn't start anyway. I have googled the subject and found same problem but no solution. Any ideas?
  21. Well the car was sitting for long time and barely start working on it and driving around we already change the fuel filter and couple same things but still need to put crank shaft sensor but pretty sure that will go away. We went to autozone to get computer read and it say for the code p1441 : Evap purge solenoid valve, Evap canister control valve. So not sure we’re these things are located I barely seen your reply so am going to check tomorrow when the light is up and see how that goes
  22. Gee you sound like me. Lol. Sometimes it can be month(s)
  23. No worries, whenever you're ready...
  24. My real name is Cadillac Jim.
  25. Not yet I haven't really had time to do anything with her with me working so much and helping my friend
  26. Sorry for the inaccurate information, I went with my first recollection of the calipers. That didn't work... Anyway, did you get a chance to check out the hub?
  27. With the backup cameras on most cars now, and a hard disk in the dashboard, I'm wondering when somebody will get the idea of having dashcam, including the rear view camera, recorded with a week of history available for download on a memory stick. Waking up the PZM/BCM would turn on the cameras. YouTube dashcams would become a lot more entertaining. Right now the most hilarious ones are Russian insurance fraud compilations. I have a dashcam on my car. I have seen some great shots that I didn't bother to take off of it before they got overwritten. For example, an Esclade was tailgating me when I pulled up to a red light, and it pulled over to the left turn lane and ran the light, without turning. I'm not in a driver's ed state, so pulling up to a red light safely means that you watch out for cars turning left and cutting the corner clear over to your side of the road where you would be stopping for the light, even in the right lane. Etc.
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