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  2. Flasher relay

    I take it from Logan's point made here, that the CHMSL is on the trunk lid on this model, not inside the rear window. Logan is a true authority on external lighting; note the links in his signature block. Unless you need the CHMSL to work for State Inspection, you might consider letting it go for now.
  3. Flasher relay

    I would not put too much emphasis on the non-working third brake light. That era of DTS third brake lamps have a extremely high failure rate. It should be noted that it is not working as a possible clue.....but don't get too hung up on it. Personally... I think they should go back to $2 light bulbs.
  4. Flasher relay

    The CHMSL is operated by a supply voltage from the BCM. It shares a fuse in the rear fuse block with the back-up lights labeled CHMSL/BCK-UP. It's possible that the stoplight switch or connections aren't working. Do your other stop lights work? The CHMSL in the schematic is a single LED but they are usually a bank of LEDs, and any of them out is a rare occurrence, particularly if they are inside the rear window and the assembly is not exposed to the elements. If none of the stop lights work I would look at the stop light switch and its wiring. At this point I'm convinced that there are scads of Bnnnn DTCs that we don't have.
  5. Flasher relay

    Add ons meaning....have i done anything extra to the vehicle. If so . no. I just bought the car for a very low price i couldn't pass. I was aware of the problems prior to but im determined to get it back rolling as a cadilac should
  6. Flasher relay

    NP I read between the lines too...
  7. Flasher relay

    Sorry for my misspelled texting. At work and trying to type fast
  8. Flasher relay

    I didn't see a reply to the question about add-ons, anything about that?
  9. Flasher relay

    I checked the ones under the hood and under the back seat. Im hoping its not a really bad situation. I just notuced today that also my third brakr light going across the trunk doesnt work either. What in the world is going on.
  10. Flasher relay

    @Will Did you only check the fuses under the hood?
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  12. Flasher relay

    There are two illuminations in the hazard warning switch: the dashboard illumination, which is a bulb that is powered by the dimmed dashboard power and is part of the dash lighting, and an LED that turns on when the hazard warning lights are active. The bulb in the Hazard Warning Switch is powered by the dimmer power for the dashboard. It's brightness is controlled by the interior light dimming. If the car sees daylight in the dashboard ambient light sensor under the rearview mirror at the front center of the dashboard, the lights aren't dimmed. If you put a clipboard over that sensor and wait a few seconds, or at night, the dash and interior lights are dimmed, and you have a control near the headlight switch to control the amount of dimming. If that works, there is no reason that the hazard warning switch illumination should not work too. The LED, which is a lot brigher than the dashboard illumintion bulb, is in the same circuit as the signal to the BCM, a TN (probably tan) wire between the switch and the BCM. If it doesn't light, then either the hazard warnign switch is not connected to the BCM, or the BCM is not powering the switch circuit. Any connection between the hazard warning switch and anything else in the car is through the BCM logic. There is no physical connection between the hazard warning switch and anything other than the BCM (except the dashboard illumination bulb). EXCEPT: the tan wire is on the same conector as the turn signal wires to the BCM, C1, which is a 27-terminal GN (green) connector on the BCM. From my SI DVD: Untitled 1.rtf
  13. Flasher relay

    But since even my hszatd button doesnt light up which is located in the middle of the dash under the clock. Would a bad multifunction switch prevent my hazard button from lighting up??? Or would it at least still light up on the inside?
  14. The Cadillac XTS V-Sport is a somewhat retro sedan that still has performance cred. It is big, comfy, and has a large trunk — but it also has a powerful V6, twin-turbo engine. The Cadillac Cue infotainment system and the Bose audio setup make for blissful highway cruising.
  15. Flasher relay

    As if the waters weren't cloudy enough I discovered this in the Owners manual.... (Stalk Disable): When Intellibeam™ has turned on the high-beams, pull or push the high-beam stalk. This will disable Intellibeam™. The Intellibeam™ indicator on the mirror will turn off. To re-enable Intellibeam™, press the Intellibeam™ button on the mirror. Is the turn signal "Stalk" sloppy?
  16. Flasher relay

    That photocell would be in the ISRVM & I bet the coil is the switch LED in the ISRVM. Which brings me back to the question - was the LED illuminated on the mirror with the switch in the on position.
  17. Flasher relay

    I knew it couldn't be a normal relay to control the headlamps. Didn't make sense, I wasn't expecting a PCB either though.
  18. Flasher relay

    WOW! I posted and all of a sudden there are 15 posts I didn't see before. It's okay though, what @Logan posted only supported what I said Again, check for aftermarket add-ons or mods of anything.
  19. Flasher relay

    I see only one HI BEAM relay for both sides, but it powers two separate fuses, one fuse for each side. I do see a note on the schematic, "PCB relay," now that Logan points that out. The fact that it's not a throwaway means to me that it might be a "solid state relay" that uses a type of IGFET with an optical isolator, with the "coil" being an LED and the gate of the IGFET being controlled by a photocell. The LED and photocell are pieces of an opto-electric isolator. These relays are a lot more expensive than mechanical relays but they very rarely go bad. In any case, I would expect that any relay that they put on a non-serviceable PC board is not a go-to replacement item for a failure, like a mechanical relay in a socket. In other words, I think Logan has eliminated the headlight relay as a likely candidate for the problem with the high beams.
  20. Flasher relay

    @Will did you verify that the mirror settings and the light switch were set properly? @Cadillac Jim thanks for the FSM work Since there is a Left and Right high beam relay and neither hi-beam is lit, that screams ISRVM or BCM to me. Very hard to diagnose long distance. A tech2 is going to be a requirement for diag on the I-Beam. The turn signals are a separate problem. Since there are No turn signals front or rear I would look for a fuse or wiring issue. I would think the multi-function switch would be a 3rd place suspect after fuses and wiring. BUT, there is one common denominator for both problems and that is the BCM. AGAIN, a TECH2 is mandatory for that diagnosis. Has there been ANY MODS including but not limited to electrical system mods, such as sound system enhancements, Amps, hydraulics or anything the factory did not install?
  21. Flasher relay

    I haven't really been following the diagnosis path with what has been covered etc. I was just providing info from the GM service manual. Anyway....if the problem is a PCB won't be just a easy part swap. I've heard of them....but have not had to work on any PCB fuseblocks. Here is a quick link I found about PCB fuseblocks....yikes...are glass BUSS fuses going the way of the buggy whip too?
  22. Flasher relay

    And thanks ive learned alot so far
  23. Flasher relay

    So basically i will need a whole new board if the multifunction switch isnt my problem?
  24. Flasher relay

    The info was looked up as a 2006 DTS. On first glance....the service info shows the high beam relay is a pcb relay and is non serviceable...underhood fuse block. Pic of the switch
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  26. Flasher relay

    Do you know where to locatr the high beam relay? Its the same for the turning signal and hazards right
  27. Flasher relay

    The car is a 2006 DTS. There are several DTCs, and if Will's code reader shows BCM codes, the fact that there aren't any eliminates the problems that throw codes. Better to go through that and be sure where you are before you start taking things apart, than to change the smart stick, and then, if that doesn't fix it, to have to do it all anyway.
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