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  2. Looks like the pump and accumulator is mounted on the left strut tower and an additional reservoir is mounted to the right of the M/cylinder. I'd HATE to do a rear exhaust manifold on that thing.... Looks like plugs would be bad enough.
  3. Took an hour to find.....RHD STS car for sale in the UK. Master cylinder right side....electric booster over on left side....Even the beauty cover is different. This car is 3750 British pounds ($5000US)....RHD cars sold in Japan, South Africa and UK. Update....curious about 2nd reservoir....looks like first one is filled to the brim......also looks like the air pump relay mounted to 2nd one..
  4. So that would be a pump test, Key on Engine off, pump should run?
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  6. I deal with those pumps as buses that have hydraulic brakes have them. Just a bigger version and 2 pumps rather than one. One is for the front and the other is for the rear. the ones on the buses are Common to failure mainly due to the location of them. they actually give assist when the key is on without the engine running. Typically they do a pump test on KOEO then you may hear it engage when depressing the brake pedal
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    So this is something i could check myself? The bcm. The bulk connector?
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    Turn signal wiring same place. I believe there is a bulkhead connector on the right side also. The fuse block is on the passenger side as well
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    Ok but what about these turn signals??? Have to have it inspected before road legal. Just bought it. Waiting on title now.
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    That would explain a couple of wires pulled out of connectors on the BCM. This could also explain wiring harness damage on the right headlight circuits. I haven't checked with the location of the underhood fuse block.
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    I will get codes read tomorrow. Thanks for all the help so far. Beautiful car. Lightning to get her on the road. Everything else us perfect on this car. A guy just didnt want to take the time or the chance on her. Im not giving up on her
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    I think that the thing to do is to look at the high beam solenoid first, because if the fuse, wiring and ballast/bulb are all good, that's all that is left, and it seems to be a plug-in throwaway part, i.e. something that can wear out and is designed to be easily replaced. If the solenoid is good, meaning if you trade it with the left one and the left brights come on but the right brights still do not, then check the wiring. That's best done with a voltmeter. @Will, if you don't know how to use a voltmeter, you can use a test light instead for checking the power to the headlight solenoid. If you get your own FSM from eBay, there is a section on it on how to use a voltmeter to troubleshoot wiring problems. For the most part, it's just like using a test light but you look at a needle swing on the meter or numbers on a display instead of a bulb lighting up, and a meter can check things a test light can't.
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    Yes it had wrecked on the passenger side. Got swiped by a truck and trailer air bags deployed. Windshield cracked the trailer dug deep down into the fender all the way to the end of the rear passenger side door. Doors have been replaced as well as fender. Looks good.
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    Okay, thanks I know the U/hood fuse block in the 98 was looonngg and was a real PITA to move out of the way when doing the P/Steering pump. If that is the only connector and wasn't too much of a PITA I would do the wiring checks from the connector.
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    The underhood fuse block provides power to everything in the car except the starter armature and the alternator armature. There are three connectors: C1, black with 22 terminals, C2, black, with 30 terminals, and C3, black, with 50 terminals. Also, there is a pad for the battery cable to bolt onto it. I don't know the provision for ground, if any.
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    ^^^^^^^^^^ WHAT HE SAID ^^^^^^^^^^^^^ Looks like they all use the C-1 connector. @Cadillac Jim is that a multi connector block?
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    That, or water damage, occurred to me. A CarFAX would tell the tale. But a complete list of Bnnnn codes, with the CURRENT ones flagged, would probably be all we need to find two or three problems and get Will back on the road with everything working. The driving lights, on in the daytime, are probably the high beams at part power, if that's possible with HID. I don't see a way to get part power in the schematic, but that's the way driving lights work with incandescent headlights. That would explain why Will's high beams, or the left one, came on in the daytime. @Will, you might think of getting a used factory shop manual for your car on eBay. We can get you through this, but if you plan on keeping the car you will need the FSM to save you tons of time and aggravation in the future. Whenever you find it convenient to have Autozone or a similar outfit read your OBD codes, list them here. If they don't give you the interpretation, that's OK, just post them here and we will provide the interpretation.
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    Here is C1 to the underhood fuse block: 2006_DTS_UnderhoodFuses_C1_Data.pdf
  20. I'm not familiar with it either, other than I know the exports had it. I've never actually seen one but the pic you posted looks like they used parts from the Bosch ABS unit. Not even sure why they felt it was needed. Only thing I can think of is if the engine dies they wanted more / longer assist before the brake pedal got really hard....
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    Do you know if the vehicle has ever been in an accident? Front end damage, if any would explain a lot.
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    Looks like your'e going to need to do some wiring checks. How comfortable are you with that? Do you have or have access to a DVOM or a test light?
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    Okay good, but, back to the schematic I go.....
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    Yes that was the first thing that i did. I changed the head lamps and turn sihnal fuses with new ones a few days ago
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    Yes also send me the view of the connector end wire table for c1. Ill see if i can trace it wnd to end
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    Okay, change both headlamp fuses 10A with NEW fuses or at least the spares in the fuse panel. I can't begin to count all the fuses that looked good but were in fact BAD.
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    That one hi beam also came on yesterday. I just started the car. Got out and noticed one hi beam was on. Driver side. And same thing today. Thats without me even trying to turn them on.
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